Hi all, Windows AutoPilot now lets you automatically configure the keyboard on User-Driven deployment profiles (this was previously only available on Self-deploying profiles).


When both the language/region and the keyboard are configured, the AutoPilot process completes silently and presents the Windows login screen once it finishes.
This is a great experience for the end-user, but it means that we don’t get the opportunity to run a white-glove deployment to pre-install software and settings before giving the device to the user.


The White-glove process can only be initiated from the first OOBE screen (usually language/region or keyboard). Since these screens are skipped when those settings have been configured, there is no opportunity to start the white-glove deployment.

Does anyone have an idea as to how we could still achieve the ability to run White-glove deployments, but also have the end-user experience fully automated and not require them to choose a keyboard (which can be confusing for some).