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Targeting only Net New Enrollments Dynamically without Affecting Existing Devices

So I posted on my blog last week about how you can target only new enrollments dynamically by using filters. I wanted to share it if anyone is running into a circumstance where they have a dynamic device environment where little to nothing is assigned statically to a group and want to make a change only to net new enrollments while leaving the existing devices. This solution could be a way to perform intrusive changes to only new devices, and as old devices refresh/wipe, they will transition.


For instance: You deployed configurations that adjust user set defaults and/or customizations a few months ago, now you want to make changes to those, but it will affect every one of those users, making it a massive change management request. It would be helpful if you could deploy these changes only to new users and slowly refresh/wipe the existing devices into this new enrollment path.


Target New Autopilot Enrollments In Intune Dynamically via Filters – Engineering Solutions for Endpoint Manager (


This also got me curious; if you have experienced this gap and resolved it otherwise, how did you do it?

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