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Stronger and more secure together: Lessons learned from RSAC 2023

VMware Workspace ONE booth at RSAC 2023

It was so great to meet everyone in person at RSAC 2023! We hope you stopped by our booth and enjoyed this year’s networking and educational opportunities.  

Security continues to be a broad and complex domain of expertise. At RSAC, I was grateful to have joined the S&P Global Market Intelligence Briefing breakfast where analysts shared trends they were tracking. Many of these trends aligned with the conversations we had with show attendees and raised the question: Why should IT and End-User Computing (EUC) teams care about cybersecurity? Here are my three takeaways from RSAC 2023: 

1. Too much data goes unused  

IT organizations are using technology to capture more data about their security operations. They are acknowledging the value of the information, but they are overwhelmed. This potential problem is actually an opportunity to automatically analyze and realize value from information already collected.   

At RSAC, we demonstrated our VMware Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management console with data captured into our data platform, Workspace ONE Intelligence. Via VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence, we can aggregate, correlate, and analyze data from identity, endpoints, apps, and security events. Then we can orchestrate via Intelligence, automatically responding to and remediating threats via integrations with Workspace ONE UEM and third-party platforms. The Workspace ONE Intelligence engine can help EUC organizations use data strategically, saving them time and freeing up security and IT resources to work on more complex issues.    

2. Outside attackers look like insiders  

As VMware President Sumit Dhawan stated in the keynote, cyber attackers are living off the land, with many holding stolen credentials to your company network. What do organizations need? Holistic context that spans users, devices, networks, apps, and data is the answer according to Sumit. With VMware Workspace ONE Tunnel, organizations can restrict and grant secure access to specific applications instead of exposing an entire network. We showed attendees how VMware Workspace ONE Tunnel can enable secure access, validate the security posture of users, and refine connectivity to explicit apps and resources based on defined policies.   

3. Security is all about trust

Data is generated every millisecond at an unprecedented rate, and IT organizations must focus on data privacy. End users must feel they can trust IT teams with their data.  

Workspace ONE has been architected from the beginning with privacy in mind, and that same principle extends to our newest offering of Workspace ONE Mobile Threat Defense. User data privacy is one of the important areas we’ve focused on in depth. We’re using privacy-enhancing technologies such as secure DNS to intercept URL traffic without inspecting content. Privacy is integrated into Mobile Threat Defense by design: both the name of the malicious content as well as its associated URL can be suppressed from viewing in the administrative console (this is a configurable option for both Android and iOS). For example, if an employee were to visit a dubious website that downloaded malware to their device, Mobile Threat Defense would protect that end user’s privacy while still alerting IT teams and allowing them to remediate the security threat. 

#RSAC 2023 signage

The greatest experiences at events like RSAC are meeting other cybersecurity professionals and coming together to share challenges and stories — and to support each other. We had a great time networking and talking with vendors and partners, and we want to thank everyone who attended our booth presentations as well. We left the event excited about a future where we’ll continue to innovate and help our customers transform to meet new security challenges ahead. 

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