I have a single SCCM server (CB 2006) and looking to migrate to InTune. I’ve successfully setup co-management and enrolled the Windows 10 (AD Hybrid registered) devices into InTune. The Windows 10 devices are listed as ‘managed by = co-managed’ and ‘compliance = compliant’. I’ve setup an app, within intune, and deployed it to a test group containing 3 users. The app has successfully deployed for one user but the other two it states ‘not applicable’. All 3 users are logged into Windows 10 devices which are enrolled into InTune. All three devices are online and i deployed the app almost a week ago so its had plenty of time to propagate out.  I have also tried uninstalling the CM agent from one of the devices to see if this made a difference but unfortunately not.  Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.