Removing McAfee live safe via intune

Hi all, 


Was wondering if someone can help! I have enrolled devices and all have mcafee live safe trial on which  I need to remove, as I have given these devices back to users, fresh start isnt possible. I have found this: if I run the command “.Mccleanup.exe -p StopServices,MFSY,PEF,MXD,CSP,Sustainability,MOCP,MFP,APPSTATS,Auth,EMproxy,FWdiver,HW,MAS,MAT,MBK,MCPR,McProxy,McSvcHost,VUL,MHN,MNA,MOBK,MPFP,MPFPCU,MPS,SHRED,MPSCU,MQC,MQCCU,MSAD,MSHR,MSK,MSKCU,MWL,NMC,RedirSvc,VS,REMEDIATION,MSC,YAP,TRUEKEY,LAM,PCB,Symlink,SafeConnect,MGS,WMIRemover,RESIDUE -v -s” locally it works but once i follow the intune way of doing it I cant get it to work! 


Does anyone know how I can wrap the uninstall exe and a powershell script correctly to remove mcafee live safe or another way I can do this but has to be remote via intune.


Thanks in advance!

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