I am running CB1910, currently have IBCM deployed and have just set up Cloud Management Gateway with DP. Our VPN is configured with split tunneling. The on-prem DP’s are blocked through the VPN tunnel, so users have had to end their VPN connection to receive content. CMG was set up to allow content to be received by remote clients whether or not a VPN connection is established. I am still having an issue receiving content when VPN is connected. I have created a VPN Boundary Group with the CMG and the VPN IP range boundary. The CMG is shown as the assigned management point in the client properties when a VPN connection is established. “Prefer cloud based sources over on-premise sources” is enabled in the VPN boundary group. When attempting to install from the Software Center, I see in the cas.log file after ContentLocationRequest is, “No reply received”, “Failed to create Location Request Message body” and “GetLocationSyncEx3 failed with error 0x80004005”. Do you have any thoughts what may be causing the issue?