[New Blog Post] Navigating the Decision Tree: Enrolling Android Devices into Microsoft Intune

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In the ever-evolving landscape of mobile device management, choosing the right strategy for enrolling Android devices into Microsoft Intune is crucial for a seamless and secure organizational workflow. Microsoft Intune offers versatile options catering to different device ownership models. This blog will guide you through the decision tree, helping you make informed choices based on your specific requirements.


A. Corporate Device Ownership:


1. COPE (Corporate-Owned, Personally Enabled):

Corporate devices are owned by the organization but can be used for personal purposes. This approach provides a balance between control and employee flexibility.


2. COBO (Corporate-Owned, Business Only):

In this model, devices are strictly for business use, minimizing personalization options to enhance security and control.


3. COSU (Corporate-Owned, Single-Use):

For specialized devices dedicated to a specific task, COSU is the ideal choice, offering a locked-down experience for improved focus and security.

B. Personal Device Ownership:


1. Work Profile – Mobile Device Management (MDM):

When employees use personal devices for work, Mobile Device Management ensures secure access to organizational resources without compromising personal data.


2. App Protection Policy – Mobile Application Management (MAM):

For a lighter touch, Mobile Application Management focuses on securing specific apps and data on personal devices without managing the entire device.


In conclusion, the decision tree for enrolling Android devices into Microsoft Intune provides a tailored approach for various corporate and personal device ownership models. Choose the path that aligns with your organization’s goals and security protocols, ensuring a seamless and secure mobile experience for both users and administrators.



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