1 year ago

Introducing the Xbox Adaptive Controller.
Create a custom controller experience that makes gaming more accessible. https://xbx.lv/2rLeiZ6

1 year ago
New Xbox Adaptive Controller will make gaming more accessible

Game on: Introducing the new Xbox Adaptive Controller, giving gamers a customizable way to play. http://msft.social/cjb6Z4

Built on our inclusive design methodology, the new Xbox controller is the most flexible adaptive controller from a gaming company.

1 year ago
Microsoft Surface

Say hello to Surface Hub 2. Transform any space into a collaborative one. Read the announcement. #Surface #SurfaceHub2 http://bit.ly/2rI7gVX

1 year ago
Opportunity and responsibility in the era of the Intelligent Cloud and Intelligent Edge

We're entering a new era of cloud computing. This week at Microsoft Build, CEO Satya Nadella shared some of the ways technology has changed our lives and what is still on the horizon: ... See more

Every part of our life and every sector of our economy is being transformed by digital technology.

1 year ago
Microsoft continues its quest to bring machine learning to every application

Ars Technica reports on our focus on the intelligent edge and how we're striving to make machine learning common to nearly all applications: http://msft.social/UiwdJF

What started as narrowly focused, specialized services have grown into a wider range of features that are more capable and more flexible, while also being more approachable to developers who aren't ... See more

1 year ago
Timeline Photos

STARTING NOW: Watch live to learn what's next for devs at Microsoft Build. http://msft.social/s8T4PC

1 year ago
Microsoft AI + Iconem: Preserving History ft. Common

With AI, we don’t just read about history… we experience it. Iconem is making history more immersive with digital replicas of architectural sites.

1 year ago
Work Reworked: Kansas City Royals

Baseball scouts are embracing technology to field a winning team. Batter up ⚾

1 year ago
Tech Accord

We've joined more than 30 global tech companies in signing the Tech Accord, to take a stand and drive cybersecurity forward for everyone. http://msft.social/QB68pQ

2 years ago
Microsoft Ignite Registration

Get ready to transform the future and your career. Registration for Microsoft Ignite is open now: http://msft.social/XuU1Qq

2 years ago
Microsoft on Artificial Intelligence and Ethics

We're committed to using and developing AI responsibly, and helping others do the same through an ethical approach. Download "The Future Computed" to read more: http://msft.social/qMaClF

2 years ago
Meet innovators and explore tomorrow's tech at Microsoft Ignite 2018

The future of tech lives at Microsoft Ignite. Registration opens next week: http://msft.social/wwOgSk

Access deep technical training, discover new tools for innovation, and connect with the tech community.

2 years ago
'He just took off': Elite runner looks to Special Olympics, breaking his personal marathon record

One of the elite runners participating in this summer's 2018 Special Olympics USA Games happens to work right here at Microsoft. Meet Andy Bryant: http://msft.social/A4rcYH

The first clue that Andy Bryant would turn out to be an extraordinary runner revealed itself when he was 12. Bryant is an eight-time Boston Marathon qualifier and finisher, and an elite runner ... See more

2 years ago
Microsoft Says AI Advances Will Require New Laws, Regulations

How is artificial intelligence changing our jobs? Bloomberg Technology reports on some of Microsoft’s ideas: http://msft.social/avPD0D

Increase in gig-economy jobs means tech companies have to step up to protect workers, provide benefits

2 years ago
Military veterans continue to serve after natural disasters

Team Rubicon has cleared debris after mudslides and blown snow from roofs to help communities after natural disasters. Now, they're using technology to do even more. http://msft.social/TpuDX7

Team Rubicon leverages technology, a new Microsoft Philanthropies partnership, and the skills of military veterans and others to help rebuild communities impacted by natural disasters.

2 years ago

When a cold snap strikes, the Alaska Department of Transportation uses WeatherCloud sensors and data to outsmart winter weather.

2 years ago
Why do girls lose interest in STEM? New research has some answers — and what we can do about it

Women executives at Microsoft are looking to change the way girls and young women view careers in STEM. http://msft.social/GItjtl

Nobody was going to stop her. Nobody. Determination, grit, and a system of support can help girls and young women find their futures in STEM.

2 years ago
Inside Xbox Premiere

Watch the inaugural episode of Inside Xbox here: http://msft.social/mwVxVM ?

Inside Xbox is many things. It's a premier live news broadcast that highlights breaking announcements. It's a glimpse at the mysteries of game design and a celebration of some of the month’s most ... See more

2 years ago
Fast Company

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