Hi everyone,

I reviewed Microsoft documents and could not find anything on this but a manual process for current fleet by uploading a CSV file:

In the above document, it says if at the time of enrollment, Intune automatically assigns corporate-owned status to devices that are:

But it does not happening. We have DEP, and we have ABM also where our procured devices come true and get enrolled but they are not marked as Corporate-owned.

I also looked into the Microsoft Endpoint Manager Admin Center. I looked for some configuration options in Enrollment Program Tokens–>Intune –> profiles –> properties(attached) so I can tell the profile if device gets enrolled via DEP/ABM or user enrolled in Intune Company Portal, mark the ownership as Corporate. There is no options available there

We want to have the ability for our enrolled devices to show up as ‘corporate’ devices and other devices (such as personal phones) that are enrolled in Intune show up as ‘personal’ – automatically.

Is there any way to do this automatically for new devices? Any helps appreciated.