I am trying to use Widows update rings on intune replacing our old group policy. Our machines were set with “disable automatic updates” via gpo. I have created update ring policy and feature update policy on intune, assigned to the device group, but there are 3 policies that are still on GPO. I’ve already disabled the settings from GPO, had that reflected on the machine for a day. Next day those 3 gp policies are back but the actual GPO policy is still set to not configured. Not sure where is this policy coming from now. Gpresult doesn’t show these policies as well.


My alternate option I am thinking is to use the MDMWinsOverGP csp policy but still couldn’t figure out the alternate csp policy for the below:

  • Disable Automatic Updates
  • Get Updates for other Microsoft Products
  • Set automatic update options

Are there any methods to find out which group policy in specific is pushing these 3 policies and what could be the alternate CSP policy that I could use on intune to override these 3?