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Discover sensors and scripts templates in Workspace ONE Marketplace

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The Templates section in Workspace ONE Marketplace is a centralized repository of curated objects that admins can easily search and deploy with a single click to address their endpoint management, user experience, and workspace security use cases. We have now added Sensors and Scripts to the existing Reports, Widgets, Workflows, and Dashboards samples in Marketplace Templates — for popular and useful unified endpoint management (UEM) and digital employee experience (DEX) solutions. 

What are sensors and scripts templates? 

We define a sensor as a type of script that tracks attributes of desktop devices such as hardware, OS, certificates, patches, apps and more. Scripts run PowerShell code to automate endpoint configurations on desktop devices. In Workspace ONE UEM, admins create and use sensors and scripts extensively for building workflows in Freestyle Orchestrator to automate data collection and manage endpoint configurations for desktop devices.  

Today, admins either write sensors or scripts by themselves or import them from the VMware shared GitHub repository for common use cases. Building a script or sensor requires admins to have PowerShell coding experience. Now, ready-to-use Marketplace Sensors and Scripts samples are available in the Templates section to reduce admins’ efforts to design these from scratch and to speed up automating resource deployment, device management, and more. 

How can admins use a template? 

Admins can easily browse the sensors and scripts lists — reviewing details like execution context and architecture, required integrations and prerequisites, and more — before deciding to add them to their Workspace ONE UEM console. With a single “Deploy” click-action, the sensor or script is validated and added to the console. The admin is then redirected to the Scripts or Sensors page in the Resources section within Workspace ONE UEM to continue working on the template. Admins always have the flexibility to customize or update the script or sensor to suit their business case.  

Here is an example of a script template to check Windows devices registered in Carbon Black Cloud: 

Search and preview script
Search and preview script

Here is an example of a sensor template to track battery capacity for MacOS devices: 

Search and preview sensor
Search and preview sensor

What’s next? 

This first release of sensors and scripts templates has popular use cases for UEM desktop management and digital employee experience solutions. The templates are currently available to select customers who requested an early preview. These features are expected to be generally available 30 days after the preview begins. 

After the initial launch of sensors and scripts templates in Workspace ONE Marketplace, we’ll introduce value-added services, such as categorized templates with added tags and the ability to like templates, provide feedback, and more. In the future, we also want to provide capabilities for admins to propose and share their templates to the collection.  

We are looking forward to hearing your ideas and suggestions on Marketplace Sensors and Scripts. Post your thoughts on the Marketplace Ideas portal. 

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