Do you have PowerShell code that you reuse in your scripts over and over? Do you have server names hard coded in variables? Are you using a text file or CSV file to import server names? Do you find yourself only utilizing one server out of a cluster of servers to make your PowerShell commands? These are the questions I asked myself and the answer used to be YES. In this post, I will go over how you can store your infrastructure server information in a SQL database and call that data from a custom PowerShell module. By utilizing this method, you can expect the below benefits:

  • Centralized code means less places to modify if you want to make a change
  • Randomized server selection to prevent over usage of one server
  • Centralized location to store server information
  • Easily add or remove server infrastructure as your environment changes
  • Flexibility to pull server data from multiple sites and locations
  • Standardized scripts make for easier readability and debugging

Feel free to check it out for yourself at my site: Nick Richardson (@ChiefNSR)