Company Portal freezing iPhone after setup assistant is complete

Hello Team,


I am brand new to Intune and have a bit of a tight deadline to establish a baseline configuration for our mobile devices (iOS/iPadOS only).

I’m seeking some clarification on the expected OOBE behavior for the Intune Company Portal app. Per Microsoft’s recommendation, I am deploying the Company Portal app via VPP. In the default ADE enrollment profile, I have the following settings:


  • User affinity: Enroll with User Affinity
  • Select where users must authenticate: Company Portal
  • Install Company Portal with VPP: Use token (specified user)
  • Run Company Portal In Single App Mode until authentication: Yes

In app assignments, I have the following:


  • Intune Company Portal (VPP): Required for All devices as an application that can’t be removed.
  • Microsoft Intune Company Portal: Unassigned

So, my expectation under this configuration is that the company portal application would automatically install and open in single-app mode shortly after users setup assistant is complete. However, what’s happening is that the Company Portal app installs silently and does not open. It appears on the Home screen after setup assistant closes. When I open the Company Portal app, the entire iPhone is frozen and must be force-started.


After the force restart, the Company Portal application opens in single-app mode and requires authentication as I would expect. But the desired behavior is for this to happen after setup assistant is complete without freezing or having to restart the device.


This behavior is consistent across multiple devices. Is there anything in my configuration that is causing this behavior?

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