I started this blog post prior to listening to (and viewing) the PSConfEU’s free virtual mini conference on June 2nd. I didn’t see/view it all, but I did enjoy what I was able to consume. While there were multiple members of the PowerShell Team present, there was Jeffrey Snover, too. The below quote from Jeffrey lined up so well with the topic of this post, that it had to be included.

“What gets people excited is solving problems.”

– Jeffrey Snover

It’s true. Finding quicker and better ways to automate is why many of us keep coming back. There’s an addiction here, and while I’ve used that term, I think it’s okay. It’s a healthy addiction. Yeah, we’ll go with that. We want the simplest, yet fastest, and cleanest possible solutions to our problems. We want our automation to shave off seconds of time when it’s possible. We’re out to save the seconds; we all know they add up.

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≥ Tommy Maynard (Twitter: @thetommymaynard)