Application Script Detection Method – Are Application Files Accessible to the Detection Script?

I’m a long time SCCM user and use both SCCM and Intune to manage our devices. I was building an application in SCCM using a script detection method and after quite a bit of troubleshooting, I realized that I was asking my detection method to reference a file included in the application package which I now know is not possible. For example, a file from nVIDIA called configureDriver.exe can be used to both show and set driver configuration. My application package includes this file with a command to set the config. My custom PowerShell script detection method also referenced this file to parse the output to detect the current state. This was failing because the detection method script and the application are downloaded and executed in different temporary locations so it’s not possible for the detection method to reference files included in the application.


My question is… does Intune work the same way? Is the detection script downloaded to the device separately from the application payload/package?


hope this makes sense.




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