Android CODD devices going stale



I am using MEM Intune to manage remote Android tablets.  I am using the Corporate Owned Dedicated Device (CODD) profile.


I am experiencing an issue whereby since last summer, almost half of the devices have gone stale – that is, I can see from the device screen that half of them have got a Last Check-in time of September 2021.


I can confirm that they are online and operational, however they don’t pickup and configuration changes which are made from MEM Intune, such as when managed apps are updated, or Configuration Profile changes are made.  In these cases I can’t find a way to get them to Sync up again and I have to Wipe them and re-enrol.


I have two Questions:


  1. How do I stop them going stale?  I thought it was the Compliance status validity period but it’s not that.
  2. Is it possible to get a device out of this state?  There is no Sync button for Android CODD profiles in MEM Intune, and also the Sync button within the InTune app on the Android devices doesn’t do anything either.

Thank you

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