Some of you may be familiar with the Plaster PowerShell module. This slick tool lets you build out a new module in seconds. Actually, Plaster can be used to scaffold a framework for any type of project. You can install the current version from the PowerShell Gallery. However, the project has been in limbo for a while with no updates or progress. After discussions with the PowerShell Team about the module, a decision was made to transfer ownership to the PowerShell community. We’re happy to report that the Plaster repository is now under the auspices of The GitHub repo, including pull requests and issues, can now be found at

It will take some time to get re-organized and work through the backlog of issues and pull requests. Although it is possible that we’ll simply zero out things like pull requests and start with a fresh slate. The basic functionality of the module should work just fine in its current state. Enough members of the PowerShell community recognize the value in the Plaster module which is why this transfer was made.

And frankly, this is one of’s primary purposes: to serve the community. In this case, Microsoft had a languishing asset that needed more attention than what they could provide. Which is exactly where fits in. We can step in providing the resources and in the end contribute back to the community. A big thank you to Steve Lee at Microsoft for making this possible.